Selling a Home During the COVID-19 Crisis

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How Do You Sell a Home Safely During the COVID-19 Crisis? Here Are the Steps To Take

Selling a home can be a headache. It often takes longer and costs more than you think, and it can be an emotional drain. That’s in normal times. Selling a home during a pandemic will add a slew of new safety concerns to the mix.

But even during the COVID-19 crisis, real estate transactions are moving forward. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently classified real estate as an essential service, although local laws might affect what’s allowed and might ban certain activities like open houses. (Be sure to check what’s OK in your area.) Suffice it to say, many sellers are still listing their homes, and buyers are still buying, too.

Yet selling a home during a pandemic is new for everyone. And we’re here to offer guidance through our series “Home Selling in the Age of Coronavirus.”


By Erica Sweeney | Apr 14, 2020 |

Should I Sell My House Now? The Essential Guide To Selling in the Age of Coronavirus

Spring is usually prime home-selling season—but this spring is a whole different ballgame.

With the coronavirus crisis intensifying and the economy in a tailspin, some homeowners may be asking themselves: Should I sell my home during the coronavirus pandemic, or wait?

To be sure, this spring’s home-selling season will be anything but normal. So far, the latest National Association of Realtors® Economic Pulse Flash Survey conducted mid-March—which already feels like a very long time ago—revealed that 48% of real estate agents have noted a dip in buyer interest compared with a year ago.


By Erica Sweeney | Apr 14, 2020 |